UNLABELED, a textile label using an AI-proof camouflage pattern, developed by Qosmo will hold a new exhibition at DESIGNART TOKYO 2021

From October 22 (Fri), UNLABELED, a textile label launched in collaboration with Dentsu Lab Tokyo, will hold a new exhibition, “Camouflage Against the Machines” at DESIGNART TOKYO 2021, one of the largest design and art festivals in Japan. Qosmo developed a camouflage pattern generation system that prevents AI from labeling as humans. In addition to the sale of limited collaboration products with the brand NEXUSⅦ. including hoodies and skateboards using the camouflage patterns, a new interactive installation work “LABELING EYE” will be unveiled to express the design concept.

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Exhibition Title: 『Camouflage Against the Machines』 Schedule: October 22 (Fri) ~ October 27 (Wed)             11:00〜20:00(The last day will be until 18:00) Venue:COMINGSOON(Shibuya PARCO 1F) Entrance Fee:Free DESIGNART Website:http://designart.jp/designarttokyo2021/ UNLABELED Website: https://unlabeled.jp/

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