AI Audio Plugin “Neutone” Deep Learning AI Models Now Available for Real-Time Music Production was released

Community-based Platform where AI Researchers and Engineers Can Share Deep Learning DSP Models with Creators

We release Neutone β, a plugin that makes real-time DSP (digital sound processing) models using deep learning available on DAWs (digital audio workstations). The general-purpose plugin enables artists to easily integrate AI powered tools into their creative process. AI researchers and engineers can easily share newly developed models with music makers through this platform.

Download at an official Neutone website

Official Video


Neutone Plugin Interface

■  The Main Features of Neutone Plugin Up until this point it has been necessary to learn a programming language such as Python and use dedicated hardware such as a GPU to be able to experiment with AI. Using the VST3 and AU formats, Neutone can be run in real-time on the CPU in DAWs such as Ableton Live, Reaper, Logic Pro and others. A number of timbre transfer models and deep learning powered effects have already been published by Qosmo for this plugin and can be downloaded at runtime.


Neutone model repository page

Below are descriptions of some of the models currently available:

  • RAVE.amen – Transform input sounds into Amen Break

  • RAVE.drumkit – Transform input sounds into a drum kit.

  • RAVE.evoice and RAVE.jvoice –  Transform input sounds into voice

  • RAVE.NASA – Transform input sounds into telecommunication-style with lunar astronauts

  • RAVE.kora – Transform input sounds into kora (African harp)

  • RAVE.violin – Transform input sounds into violin

  • conv1d-overdrive.random – Overdrive with deep learning

  • temporalconv.reverb – Reverb using deep learning

Some of these models are still in the experimental phase but there are ongoing efforts to both improve the quality of existing ones as well as increasing the range of available models. For more information on these models, please check the official Neutone website.


List of AI models on the Neutone website

For those who are AI researchers and developers, you can publish your own models on the Neutone platform. By wrapping your models with the NeutoneSDK provided by us, you can easily make them compatible with the Neutone plugin.

SDK for developers


Neutone SDK on GitHub for developers

Co-created AI models within the AI music community

Neutone provides a platform for hosting AI models, but we would like to co-create AI models with other researchers, engineers, and artists. If you want to be a part of this emerging community come and join us in the Neutone Discord channel.

Please contact us for requests and consultations.

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