Qosmo supports R&D of MUTEK.JP AI Music Lab


Qosmo is supporting the MUTEK.JP AI Music Lab, which will be held at Shibuya EDGEof and Keio University SFC during 8 – 18 of November, as R&D partner.

The goal of the ten day workshop is to deepen everyone’s understanding of various concepts in artificial intelligence, explore our connections with AI and break down stereotypes, and, above all, to extend the specialized field of AI to artists and creatives who would like to interact more with this emerging technology. 

The AI Music Lab will gather musicians, composers, sound artists, musicologists, programmers, researchers, engineers and curators alike to jointly explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and art. The application of AI during the lab uses three musical approaches with relevance to Japanese culture: Soundscape composition, Noise music and Techno music production. Selected results will be presented at the upcoming instalment of MUTEK.JP festival in December.


  • MUTEK.JP AI Music Lab

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